"The more you find within, the less you go without." -Tina Rayner

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Your True Power lies within, not without.

I offer you the assistance to help you become aware of
how you subconsciously deny, resist or give away your true power,
and thus, deny, resist, or give away your true potential.
I guide YOU, to YOU.

When you go within, you never go without.

When you know this, you can truly Rise To Shine.
-Tina Rayner

Why YOU ARE here

It is no accident that you are here at this site.  It is said that when a student is ready, the teacher appears. The teacher within YOU sees the student within YOU is ready. You are ready for a new relationship in your life: a relationship to the True Power WITHIN YOU. As the relationship you have with yourself is the foundation for ALL relationships with others, and the foundation for ALL aspects of your life, you are ready to discover your true foundation: YOU. However, if you have spent time subconsciously running from the True Power of YOU in limiting yourself through forms of self-rejection, you know what it is like to experience the misery of self-mystery, but it may be a mystery to you as to how to heal that pain. It requires deep self-reflection to turn self-mystery into Self Mastery. It requires becoming aware of the interdependence and true powers of the mental, physical, emotional and spiritual YOU. In becoming aware of who YOU truly are, you will discover what truly makes YOU feel at peace: this peace is how you know you are living from your True Power. When YOU know this True Power YOU, then you Rise To Shine as the Highest Expression of YOU. It will change your entire world, and all of your relationships. Step into your True Power and Rise To Shine.

About Tina   

Tina Rayner, CEO of, “Rise To Shine Coaching” is a *True Power spiritual intuitive coach, speaker, writer, teacher and founder of the "Be A Wear Ness" clothing/movement guiding you home to the True Power of YOU. The first step is self-reflection vs. self-rejection. The next step is self love. The last is discovering the self AS Love. This is the Home of the True Power of YOU. It is the heart of YOU, and it takes HEART work to discover it.

Tina was first called to remember her True Power at age 10. This initiated a life as a true power seeker. There has been a lot of learning and UN-learning to do. Mired in the lies of this world that raised her to believe that she was powerless and thus homeless, it took her nearly 38 years before she took her first BIG steps home.

This was because she did not know the truth about where her identity came from. Through years (ongoing) of studying herself, she unlearned and remembered. She has received a lot of guidance along the way, all pointing her inward.  She now lives her True Power as peace, love, joy, and freedom versus fear, and limitations. Teaching others how to BE this is part of her life purpose, in service to the highest good. 

Tina  comes from a background of over 25 years of teaching experience, both nationally and internationally, and is a certified "Train the Trainer" with Peak Potentials, N. America’s foremost training company. She founded Rise To Shine Coaching in 2004 while serving as a top leader, coach and trainer for a, ‘dynamic global success network’ of business owners. Tina has regularly hosted webinars and tele-seminars like, “Becoming A Warrior” and keynote speeches like, “The Power of Inner Posture.” She has also spoken at outside-industry events such as, “Women In Power,” as well as local events for the Royal Bank of Canada, the Canadian Mental Health Association, YWCA and Langley Fine Arts School.

Through finding her "true power," Tina now IN-powers others to live their True Power. Through Tina’s genuine passion for sharing her, “IN-light-en-ments,” she attracts those seeking to change THE world by connecting to THEIR world: the true power WITHIN.

By discovering your True Power, you stop looking for that which is outside of you, and start Being that which is inside. You ALSO remember that your birthright on the planet is love/joy/abundance/peace/oneness in EVERY aspect of your life. If you are seeking your true identity and thus true power, but you don’t know how, then YOU DESERVE to connect with Tina, so she can help you connect to YOU!

When you know Who You TRULY Are, You Rise TO Shine!

Holly M.:  Personally coaching me, you helped me to see the REAL me. You helped me to get to the heart of the matter, and dig a little deeper to get me to that "ah ha" moment!  You provided a real, up front and personal coaching session with me!  That is what I needed.  You are unique because the insight you gave me......I never realized until our sessions.  OPENING THE DOOR to see what was REALLY out there, and not thinking inside the box so much!  THANKS TINA FOR ALL YOU DID AND CONTINUE TO DO FOR ME AND MY SUCCESS:)”

Rebecca R.:  Tina's passion is to assist everyone in finding their purpose and accepting themselves.  Tina has assisted me in staying true to my core values, finding integrity within those values and improving my thoughts.  If you seek alignment in your personal or professional life, Tina can assist you!”

Vickie M.:  “Tina's coaching has been an eye opening experience for me.  Over the past months, she has brought to the surface some influences from my upbringing that I had not realized had been affecting my personal growth and performance.  She has the gift of helping you find your inner self.  Now that I know what was broken, I'm fixing it.  My personal growth has taken off!  Thanks Tina!”

Cindy M.:  Tina's guidance and coaching skills assisted me in getting back on target with my goals.  She taught me to re-structure my language to focus on speaking with positive affirmations to reach the goals that I desired to achieve, rather than using language that lacks power.  She kept me accountable to the tasks I set out to achieve.

Her coaching style lends a unique ability to help you focus on building your strengths to design the life you desire.  Tina's motivation will inspire you to turn your weaknesses into strengths to excel you forward.

Tina has the energy and tenacity to reach for the top in her business and her ability to perform like a Top Leader will help to inspire and motivate you to do the same.”