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Valentines Day 2019
"Surrender To Love:
Why Battling Being Single Makes Love Your Enemy"

Whitby's Gifts & Books in White Rock, BC
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Past Event:
Langley Fine Arts School: "Girl Power Conference"

Rave Reviews about Tina as a Speaker 

Ellie Drake, CEO, BraveHeart Productions and BraveHeart Women:  "Tina Rayner is a Woman of Purpose & Service.   When you listen to her, you too will realize that there is a deeper reason and sense of calling that she speaks from.  It is beyond merely business or even motivation.  I feel Tina is destined to make a real difference.”  www.EllieDrake.com

Nitsa Nakos, CEO/President:  “Having known Tina Rayner for years, as a friend and business partner, I can unequivocally say, without a shadow of a doubt, that she is a woman who walks her talk!  Tina is passionately in love with the process of personal transformation and when she takes the stage, her unwavering belief confidently exudes from within her and into her audience.  Her unique blend of a humble heart, sensitive soul, quirky sense of humour and ingenious creativity make her a speaker in demand!  After listening to Tina, you will feel sufficiently inspired to break loose a purposeful life filled with love, hope, belief and eloquent co-creation.”

Bob Biss, Certified Guerrilla Marketing Coach, Success Coach & Leading Direct Sales Entrepreneur:  “Tina Rayner is an extraordinary speaker.  If you have a chance to hear her live or on one of her amazing recordings, you must absolutely do so.  She has a remarkable ability to relate and connect to her audience in a way that has to be personally experienced.  Tina’s messages truly inspire as well as motivate her audiences wherever she speaks.  There are many speakers and trainers in our industry.  However, very few are of the caliber and expertise of Tina!”

Lisa Moore, SMG International Product Director:  “Tina Rayner:  A woman who is so captivating onstage, motivating and allowing others to see that all is possible with the determination and faith within each of us.  A speaker who engages the audience with her every word.  Someone who has inspired me to be the best I can be, because I am and can be.  Tina has truly made such an impact on me personally, which has carried into my business.  She was the first person to open my mind to personal development the first time I heard her speak on the topic of, "I Can Because I Am."  I thank Tina for all that she has given to me effortlessly and with such generosity, conviction and compassion.  I do think Tina belongs on a stage, motivating and captivating audiences throughout the world.  I wish her everything in return that she has given to others.