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Be A Wear Ness Clothing:
Be the Change Through A Wear Ness

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“Be A Wear Ness” clothing is not just
a piece of clothing;
it is a “Be the Change” Revolution!

It is said that the first step to all change is awareness, but we spell it “a-wear-ness,” for by wearing,
“Be A Wear Ness” clothing
coupled with powerful intention,
we can each Be the Change we wish to see
in our bodies,
in our lives,
and in our world.

Simply put, “Water +High Vibration Intention=High Vibration Change
and it has ALL been proven by research and science! 

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Rise To Shine

    -The Secrets To Living Your Power On Purpose

Audio:  4 CD set series
Author:  Tina Rayner

Description:    When you were born, you were nameless, penniless, and naked on the outside, but on the inside, you were the Light of your True Identity, abundantly living your True Power on purpose. Yet, as you grew up, you lost Awareness of the Light of your True Identity due to dis-IN-power-ing Beliefs you were taught by family, friends and society. These lowered your Consciousness, especially the consciousness of yourself, which then severely impeded your Development. Thus, you were plunged into the darkness of fear, suffering, lack and separation on many levels, even learning to experience all of that with yourself. Living YOUR abundant True Power  on purpose was replaced with giving away your power, and not knowing your purpose.  You are now READY to SHINE again.  You’ve come across this cd set at exactly the "Light" time.  :) This 4 cd-set is called, “Rise To Shine:  The Secrets To Living Your Power On Purpose.”  It includes the ABCD’s to RE-discover and re-align yourself with your True Identity/inner Light to take back your True Power!  Topics include:  creating Awareness of your True Identity and thus, your True Power; eradicating Beliefs that have eradicated YOU and replacing them with Beliefs that are aligned to BE-ing your True Power; applying Consciousness to change YOUR world and thus, THE world; and lastly, Developing True Power in every area of your life.

True Power Coaching

*Special promotion: By DONATION

I Am Here to Be of Service for the HIghest Good of ALL, not just "those who can afford it!" Thus, I have been led by Spirit to offer my spiritual intuitive True Power coaching BY DONATION ONLY, according to how you value your time. If you perceive an hour of your time to be X amount of dollars, then that is what you can donate to me for every hour you spend coaching with me. This can also be based on what you currently earn per hour, or a combo. This enables me to serve ALL, and it enables us both to abide by the Universal Law of Reciprocity. Take advantage of my gift of focused intuitive claircognizant healing which allows me to help you get to the heart of ANY matter concerning LOVE in a short period of time, thereby assisting you to create major healing shifts!  ***I especially specialize in assisting you to re-connect you to yourself so that you rediscover your True Identity, and thus reconnect to your True Power to create powerfully abundant relationships with yourself first, and then all others. Be prepared to dive deeply! This is HEART work! :)

Rave Reviews of Tina's Coaching:

Holly Marshall, CSG Leader:  Personally coaching me, you helped me to see the REAL me. You helped me to get to the heart of the matter, and dig a little deeper to get me to that "ah ha" moment!  You provided a real, up front and personal coaching session with me!  That is what I needed.  You are unique because the insight you gave me......I never realized until our sessions.  OPENING THE DOOR to see what was REALLY out there, and not thinking inside the box so much!  THANKS TINA FOR ALL YOU DID AND CONTINUE TO DO FOR ME AND MY SUCCESS:)”

Rebecca Ravenkamp, Mother, Wife, Business Owner:  Tina's passion is to assist everyone in finding their purpose and accepting themselves.  Tina has assisted me in staying true to my core values, finding integrity within those values and improving my thoughts.  If you seek alignment in your personal or professional life, Tina can assist you!”

Vickie Matthews:  “Tina's coaching has been an eye opening experience for me.  Over the past months, she has brought to the surface some influences from my upbringing that I had not realized had been affecting my personal growth and performance.  She has the gift of helping you find your inner self.  Now that I know what was broken, I'm fixing it.  My personal growth has taken off!  Thanks Tina!”


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For each CD set purchased, receive
15 minutes of
FREE 1:1 True Power © Coaching!


Price: By donation (according to the value of YOUR time)


Privacy Policy

Please know that your privacy is important.  Therefore, be advised that I never rent, sell, nor share your personal information with anyone else.  However, in the event of a criminal investigation or suspected illegal activity, I may be required by law enforcement agencies to share certain personal information.